Individualization of treatment allows for better management of patients with hematologic cancers.

During the XII Conference on Lymphoid Neoplasms 2024, experts in the field of hematology noted the need to individualize hematological cancer treatment. Likewise, they have turned to the application of new tools such as AI in clinical practice.

Experts in the field of hematology have noted the need to individualize the treatment of hematological cancers to better manage each patient, taking into account his characteristics and the characteristics of his disease. This became known during the XII Conference on Lymphoid Neoplasia 2024, organized in Cordoba … + read more

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Celebrates 20 Years of Minimizing the Risk of Surgical Site Infection with Its Antibacterial Suture Materials

Recognizing the impact that preventing surgical site infections has on optimal patient recovery, the company is committed to developing the most innovative solutions and technologies. + read more

Jacobo Muñoz becomes the new medical director of Johnson & Johnson in Spain

The new head of the company’s medical department has extensive experience, especially in the field of oncology. + read more

Johnson & Johnson is the leader in brand strength in 2023

The pharmaceutical company scored 82.3 points and was ahead of companies such as Bayer, Pfizer or AstraZeneca. + read more

Johnson & Johnson achieves its goal of offsetting 100% of Europe’s energy consumption.

In recent years, Johnson & Johnson has launched two wind farms and one solar power plant in Spain, which have played a key role in achieving the energy equivalent that the company consumes in 12 European countries. + read more

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Unveils Fourth Generation Robotic Technology at 60th SECOT Congress

The company, which is presenting its innovative trauma and orthopedic solutions at SECOT, is highlighting its robotic knee surgery offering to improve outcomes and precision. + read more

Johnson & Johnson is the pharmaceutical company with the strongest brand.

The pharmaceutical company’s score reaches 82.3 points out of 100 + more details

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