Influencer causes drama on American Airlines flight; Claims to be dating Britney Spears’ ex-wife

impressive Morgan Osman caused drama during a flight American Airlines and attacked a user who did not recognize him by calling him a “vagrant”.

Usman, who claims he had an affair with a former Britney SpearsShe started throwing tantrums in a flight and started arguing with a user who was recording her.

Upon realizing that they were capturing him with a cell phone, he said influential person He turned to a particular traveler and said, “Yes, it’s me. Film me, I’m famous on Instagram.”

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Before confronting the passenger, Usman exchanged words with another user, who allegedly called her a “bitch” and told her to get down.

“Call me a bitch again. Call me a bitch again. I did not do anything wrong. Don’t shut me up.”

It is not clear what caused the conflict, but it is clear SampleAnd the alleged fashion designer took her luggage and went to another part of the plane.

After Pictures went viral on social networksInternet users confirmed this Morgan Osman She is an internet model who has almost one million followers on Instagram.

She usually appears in erotic photos and constantly travels creating adult content. from miami to los angeles And vice versa to go about your business.

The video of Morgan’s anger was shared first reddit, Social network users mocked her for saying she was famous when no one recognized her and for traveling in economy class when she could have traveled in better class.

“If you have to tell people you’re famous, you’re not famous”, “Someone tell Cringe Kardashian she’s in economy class.” If you’re so famous, why aren’t you in first class or even business class? Some people wrote, “No one cares who you are.”

Amidst the drama he faced on the plane, Usman became relevant as he had at some point said that he and Sam Asghari They had an affair.

according to what he said fitness model And he had an affair at the same time as Spears; Usman even shared a video of him kissing Asghari in the ocean.

After fans concluded that Sam was the real cheater in the relationship Britney Spears, Morgan deleted the video, but took advantage of the attention he was receiving to gain more followers on the Internet.

In the last update he told about himself instagram storiesThe influencer mocked the media that shared the story of her drama and video and took pride in going viral and even claimed that her followers are increasing, as well as the likes on her photos. Are. Bikini,

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