Information of interest about the days of protest in private medicine in Seville

On January 18, an informative meeting will be held at the headquarters of the College of Physicians in view of the protests that will begin on January 23, 2023. All interested parties may submit their legal and any other doubts in advance by email to [email protected] information on the protests.

The following lines are considered:

A. Days are proposed in which ALL consultations of ALL medical or surgical specialties will be suspended for ALL and each one of the different insurance companies.
B. They begin on Monday, January 23, 2023. For now, a full month is considered until February 28.
C. They will be a single day each week. That is, the first week will be on Monday 01/23, the second on Tuesday 01/31, the third on Wednesday 02/8, the fourth on Thursday 02/16 and the fifth and last on Friday 02/24/23.
D. The possibility of increasing the weekly days of protest and the areas of activity for the cessation of assistance activity during these days will be continually assessed.
E. If there is no response, a concentration will be called on 02/28 in San Telmo, and new measures and protests will be announced there.

Of course, each doctor can organize his consultation at his discretion. It is your decision to suspend it on protest days. No one is forced nor does the RETA affiliates have the right to strike. Whoever wants to can attend that day to the concentration that we will carry out at the headquarters of the College of Physicians. It is insisted that participation in the protest is completely voluntary.

Doctors who work in large hospital centers should have the option of also being able to close their consultations that day, and they should agree when to cancel appointments. The most important thing is that all the patients mentioned are notified. The Administrative will tell you the reason for the protest. (They do not raise the CPI and we want quality).

The suspension of surgical interventions or emergencies is not contemplated.

All complementary, analytical or imaging tests that are not urgent can be suspended.

The official communications of the protests will be shared by the Whatsapp group LA PRIVADA EN PIE and the assigned delegates always will.

The Seville Medical Union will do its own dissemination and contact work, but always in coordination with the College. In addition, the SMS will give constant advice on the protests so as not to fall into possible illegalities.


All participating physicians will be summoned to the RICOMS headquarters. The press will be summoned on behalf of the College, the SMS, ATA and other professional associations that come together. Patient Associations and the media
they will be invited.

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