Ingested shares a new video for a heavy single featuring the singer of Aborted!

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Ingested will release their new album, Ashes Lie Still, on November 4 via Metal Blade Records. And yesterday, to keep the momentum going, the band shared a video for the heavy single From Hollow Words, which you can check out below.

Singer Jason Evans said: “Ever know one of those assholes who constantly say they’re going to do things differently, or that they’re sorry for pissing you off, but never change anything? Well, our new single is about those types of assholes. Allow us to introduce you to From Hollow Words, with our friend Sven de Caluwé from the monsters of Metal Aborted. We’ve wanted to work with Sven for a very long time and couldn’t be happier to show you the result of the clash between Ingested and Aborted!”

“This beastly song is no frills, heavy, aggressive, and it’s exactly what fans of both bands want to hear! The fast pace back and forth between myself and Sven keeps the energy high from start to finish and the mix of our styles complement each other fiercely.”

For his part, Sven de Caluwé added: “I’m very happy to have participated in the new Ingested album, I’ve known the guys for years now and we’ve toured together several times; they’re a machine that hits like a cannonball – not in the pop sense of Wrecking Ball [de Miley Cyrus], sure. This new album is going to turn a lot of heads, I’m sure, and it’s their heaviest album to date. Check it out and remember what Jack Burton always says: ‘It’s all in the slams’.”

Ingested – From Hollow Words (feat. Sven de Caluwé):

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