Inmate reveals the treatment Dani Alves receives in prison: “He doesn’t have a special life there”

The life of Daniel Alves has taken an unexpected turn in recent weeksbecause of playing the first match of the Clausura 2023 with the Pumas de la UNAM, the brazilian ended up in a prison in Barcelona after being accused of committing an alleged sexual offensea situation that has gone around the world and has made the now ex-soccer player monopolize the spotlight as his situation is determined.

the spanish program ‘Four a day’ revealed an interview with an inmate who shares prison with Dani Alves, who He recounted what life is like for the Brazilian soccer player inside the prison and the treatment he receives as a renowned soccer player.

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In this interview with the Spanish channel, The witness assured that Alves leads a normal life like all the inmates and does not enjoy any type of privileges or special treatment. or different from the other inmates.

“Dani Alves is in module 13 with ‘Coutinho’ (Ronaldinho’s former bodyguard), who is a friend of mine. A Brazilian. The other day the director and the deputy director took him out. They went to show him everything that is the area of ​​​​the sports zone. At 1:30 p.m., lunch time. But he walks normal and ordinaryand. He does not lead a special life, nor does he have a special life there. They don’t even treat him specially.”expressed the witness interviewed by Cuatro al Día.

Dani Alves spends his time playing soccer in prison

Continuing with the questioning by the Spanish television channel towards the inmate, Alves’ partner revealed that the former soccer player has come to hand out autographs inside the prison.

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“The attitude he has is one of boredom, a lot, it is a very boring life. But He’s been playing soccer, he’s been playing some plays on the guys there. The people who are with him are there for the same crime. He’s a good boy, he’s a good guy. He is super calm, they ask for autographs”, added the prisoner interviewed.

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