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Over week, Antenna 3 delight your audience with a wide variety of turkish soap operas. Thus, Ottoman fictions have positioned themselves as one of the preferred alternatives of the Spanish public and one of these is the famous series entitled “innocent”.

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Produced by OGM Pictures, this telenovela surprises viewers with its serious plot, curious characters and great performances. In that sense, the Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 June new episodes of the popular production will be released, where we will discover what happened in the lives of our protagonists after the road accident in Ceylon while arguing on the phone with They have.

As it is remembered, the young man goes to help her and inevitably has in his memory that accident that ended the life of start. When the woman arrives at the hospital, the boy blames himself for what happened and asks the doctors if the girl will get better. Noting that she is still unconscious, viewers will see if she manages to survive.

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In addition, we will be able to know the direct and indirect consequences of the accident, with all those involved. Secondly, safiye will be closer than ever I was bornwhich will make us wonder if they will ever get back together.

Therefore, so that you know the answer to these questions, do not miss the new episodes that will be released this week through Antenna 3 in Spain. See the broadcast schedule below.


The soap opera “Innocent”also known as “wounded souls”, is transmitted every week through the signal of Antenna 3 in Spain. The usual broadcast schedule is Monday and Tuesday, and this week will be no exception.

Therefore, according to the programming of the famous television station, this is the schedule that the popular Ottoman production will have from June 13 to 14:

  • Monday, June 13 at 10:45 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 14 at 10:45 p.m.
"innocent" It is transmitted through Antena 3 (Photo: OG Pictures)
“Inocentes” is broadcast on Antena 3 (Photo: OG Pictures)


Also, remember that you can watch the telenovela, whose original title is “Masumlar Apartmanı“, via ATRESplayer Premium. You just have to have a subscription to the popular streaming platform and you will be able to enjoy all the episodes broadcast, previews of the production and much more promotional material of the famous telenovela.

"innocent" can be seen through ATRESplayer Premium (Photo: OG Pictures)
“Innocents” can be seen through ATRESplayer Premium (Photo: OG Pictures)


Based on the novel “The Inside of the Medallion” by Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu, published in 2004, this soap opera narrates the life of Inci and Han. Both young people are made for each other; however, his story seems impossible due to family obstacles.

While start she was abandoned by her mother and has a dependent relationship with her alcoholic boyfriend; They havefor her part, takes care of her sick father and her three sisters, who suffer from various traumas derived from a family tragedy.

Inci and Han They meet after a traffic accident and begin to live a beautiful love story that seeks to get ahead in the face of adversity.


  • Farah Zeynep as Inci
  • Birkan Sokullu is Han
  • Melisa Şenolsun as Rüya
  • Ezgi Mola as Safiye
  • Merve Dizdar is Gülben
  • Gizem Katmer as Neriman
  • Atilla Sendil is Memdub
  • Metin Coskun is Hikmet
  • Alper Saldiran is Uygar
  • Esra Ruşan is Esra
  • Ugur Uzunel is Esat
  • Ege is Inci’s little brother.
  • Emir Özden as Ege
The telenovela
The telenovela “Inocentes” is broadcast through the Antena 3 signal in Spain (Photo: Birkan Sokullu / Instagram)

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