Inps, from oncological certificate immediate disability right – Health

ROME – “We have decided to make the introductory oncological certificate structural, through the contribution of Agenas, after an extensive experimentation that began two years ago”, in this way we will be able “to facilitate the life of users, receiving a certificate for disabilities oncologicals that give the right to disability benefits, without further investigations “.

Thus the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico, speaking at the conference “Good practices for the rights of cancer patients. The introductory certificate”. “What we are doing today – he specified – is a structural agreement that will avoid making individual agreements on the territory, and which is also a good omen for subsequent, possible agreements on collaborations, synergies, sharing of data and services that INPS has as target,”.

“Ours – recalled Tridico – is a social mission which, of course, must provide services, but also simplify the lives of citizens, especially the most fragile”. (HANDLE).