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Today Friday 26 November at 18:00 in the Conference Room of the former Monastery of Santa Chiara in piazza Galluccio third appointment with the review Cineforum, organized by the Popular University and curated by the councilor Roberta Lisi, with the vision of the film Instant Family by Sean Anders starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, a 119-minute comedy, released in 2018, but released in theaters in Italy in 2019.

In fact, tired of being laughed at by relatives who think they can’t have children, spouses Pete and Ellie Wagner adopt the young Lizzy and her younger siblings, Juan and Lita, to show everyone that they can be good parents. Even if everything initially seems pleasant, things soon start to get complicated.

The film is based on the personal experience of an adoptive father lived by the director himself and tells, in an ironic way, the complex events of a couple who intend to adopt a child and then find themselves having to manage a teenager and her two younger brothers.

In 2011, the American filmmaker and his wife Beth, when they were about 40 years old, began to consider the hypothesis of having children: it all started from a simple and banal joke made to his wife. “Why don’t we just adopt a 5 year old and it will be like we started five years ago?” This statement was then also included in Instant Family: it is in fact uttered in the opening scenes of the film by Pete.

Anders and his wife decided to start the custody process when in 2012 the couple finally broke up adopted three brothers: one of 18 months, one of three years and one of six.

The director admitted it wasn’t easy at first, as adopting three children together literally turned their lives upside down. Some of the funny sketches in the film actually happened, such as the scene where Pete accidentally hits the child they want to adopt with a basketball.

Sean Anders, in his Instant Family, has tried to offer the public a fairly realistic – but satirical – representation of how the fostering and adoption system and what becoming an adoptive parent really entails.

The subject dealt with is of particular interest having a very significant social relevance and embracing complex implications (parenting, protection of minors, the network of social services, juvenile justice, …) that those who have faced a path so full of great satisfaction, but also fraught with bitter difficulties, he can understand and testify, through his own experience, which is unique in its realization.

In this regard, before viewing the film, we will have the pleasure of hearing the testimony of Mrs. Alessandra Gaballo who will tell her story of adoption.

Entrance to the room is free and will be accessed with a green pass, in compliance with the anti-covid legislation in force. Maximum punctuality is recommended.

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