Interior Minister Izkia Siches tested positive for COVID-19

During the early hours of this Sunday, the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichescommunicated through his social networks that he had tested positive for a COVID-19 PCR test, like his entire family.

“To finish off the week, PCR COVID-19: positive. Start of symptoms: Friday the 18th. The whole family is sick, ”explained the Secretary of State from her Instagram account.

It is worth mentioning that last Friday – the date of onset of symptoms – the head of the cabinet of government ministers, held a meeting with the presidential delegatesin addition to the undersecretaries of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, and of crime prevention, Eduardo Vergara.

However, no reports have been reported so far new infections inside La Moneda. Likewise, the minister has not reported complications in her diagnosis, so she should only maintain the protocol measures for active cases.

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At the time of announcing the news, Siches alluded to a complex week. This, considering her visit to La Araucanía, where she had to be evacuated by security personnel, due to shots in the air perpetrated by unknown persons after their arrival in the commune of Ercilla.

This situation generated certain questions from the political class, especially after the minister determined do not file legal action against those who were responsible for the shooting.

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