Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Traumatology are the consultations most demanded by Venezuelans |

.Most of the patient’s health conditions can be resolved by going to a doctor’s office. In this sense, health insurance premiums often do not cover the usual needs of Venezuelans and represent large outlays that not everyone can afford.

According to medical director of Clinicas Rescarven, Wilfredo Coronador, the five specialties most consulted by members are Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Traumatology, Cardiology and Ophthalmology.

“There are seasons in which one outperforms the other, but the tendency is to fill the greatest demand with the indicated specialties. Internal Medicine is in high demand, since it covers many pathologies that, even when they require other specialists, are attended first by the internist. Here we count pathologies such as cerebrovascular accidents, high blood pressure, respiratory and other infections, diabetes, digestive disorders, among othersCoronado mentioned.

Given the need for Venezuelans to have plans that allow them to attend to the effects on their families’ health, Rescarven has affordable options that include 3 free consultations per year in any specialty; and, more importantly, it has its own infrastructure that does not require approval keys or intermediaries to provide services when and as required.

In addition, Rescarven’s clinics and offices are open to the public, which also allows those who are not affiliated to receive care and treatment according to their needs, quickly and professionally in more than 30 specialties.

In emergency services, the figures are also in the order mentioned by Coronado, with Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Traumatology as the first. “The most frequent pathologies are related to the most prevalent chronic diseases. Thus, we have high blood pressure and its complications, diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma as the most common when entering the center, not to mention cases with suspicious symptoms of Covid-19 infection. At Clínicas Rescarven we have special facilities for the care, screening and hospitalization of these cases”, he added.

To learn about the services, plans and medical specialties available, visit their Instagram profile @rescarvencontigo, or their website:

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