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Every January 21st is celebrated the international hug daya date that was created by Kevin Zaborney, an American who was concerned about the few displays of affection that people make in public, even if they are members of his family.

And it is that hugging, although it seems a simple action, actually allows oxytocin (a hormone associated with pleasure) to be secreted, in addition to releasing serotonin and dopamine, generating a pleasant sensation of harmony and fullness, a dose of well-being for the body and soul, according to the Oaxaca Health Services.

Hugs can help improve physical and emotional health. Photo: Unsplash


The hugs help reduce stress, heart rate, blood pressure; They improve blood flow and support the immune system.

Other benefits that have been associated with hugging are the stimulation of growth hormone in children, as well as a reduction in the chances of developing dementia.

Likewise, studies have shown that hugs improve the quality of life and promote longevity, stimulate the senses, help control appetite and They help improve family and couple relationships.

On the other hand, the absence of hugs can contribute to the death of neurons and develop a heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to those who experience this expression on a daily basis.

It is worth mentioning that it is not only a hug to generate well-being, as sources from the Mexican Association for the Comprehensive Improvement of the Family (AMSIF) have recommended four hugs a day to live well, while others suggest at least 12.

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