Invincible FaZe wins CS Asia Championship 2023 trophy

In FaZe, they won this CS Asia Championship trophy by beating MOUZ 2-0 in the finals, maintaining their record of invincibility in BO3 of the CS2 championship.

New duel between MOUZ and FaZe, new victory for the commanders of “karrigan“. The journey of Counter-Strike 2 continues until FaZe, who intends to dominate the series and win 2-0 after breaking Mirage and hitting his Nuke in a triple over time.

After facing our MOUZ groups and losing 2-1, FaZe turned to us”siuhy” and the team, now there is no decisive duel to win the CS Asia Championship title.

Mirage was the map that started a series that from now on I began to hang on the side of the veterans. “karriganGuide your team towards complete dominance over the opponent’s map and advance 13:7 very naturally.

I went to Pesadelo and was very specific about FaZe Clan. The Nuke comes out bad and with only four bullets to plug, as long as the increasingly complicated holes are inserted. Starting at 12:6 in the morning, MOUZ you will be able to escape from all points on the map and you will return to reality.

In overtime you are only in third place than the team.karriganHe achieved the all-around title and went through four consecutive rounds to compete in the CS Asia Championship, winning the trophy and $250,000 in prize money. An amount of MOUZ for home $100,000 and both Astralis and ENCE ficaram with $50,000.

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