Invincible is everywhere, now also in Fortnite

Invinciblethe comic book saga Robert Kirkman, former author of The Walking Deadlittle by little it is conquering the global audience thanks to the arrival of the second season of the animated series to main video and, at the same time, with the launch of some video game products.

Since the arrival of Omni-Man inside mortal kombat 1complete with ferocious brutalities that do justice to the relentless paths of the lights. Viltrumita.

Although, it must be said, not all fans Invincible They turned out to be too convinced how the character was inserted into the fighting game, especially how Netherrealm interpreted some aspects of the villain’s character.

And I could have been missing fortnite? Obviously not, since with the new update some characters have been added Invincible with all the cosmetic content that accompanies it.

With update 27.10the normal Insider info on Epic Games battle royale They already discovered in advance the content that will be included, and you can see what is related to Kirkman’s comic in the video below:

There is no official announcement from Epic Games yet, but it is clear that data miners have managed to bring to light all the content dedicated to Invincible.

What, specifically, they bring Omni-Man, Invincible and Atom Eve within the real battle, which between characters and elements that can be used by players to beautify their avatar, make it even more heroic fortnite.

The elements will be inserted into the game coming soon, within the new revival that aims at nostalgia recently announced.

For fans of Invincible There are two other video games dedicated to the franchise: one recently released with Prime Gaming in the form free, and the other developed by Ubisoft that will be released in the near future.

Yes all these video games Invincibleand the animated series, have intrigued you and you want to discover the comic book saga, for some time now it has been possible to purchase a new version of the saga on Amazon.

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