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Filippo Inzaghi about to get married angela robustiA relationship that will have its religious compromise in June 2024, when the Serie A ends with Salernitana, a team where Guillermo Ochoa plays, and which hopes to find a ticket of salvation in Italian football.

In a brief review of his time as a football player, with all those childhood wishes and all those childhood promises, Pipo recalls the moments of adolescence when he fell in love with the actress. Monica Bellucci.

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,Monica Bellucci, What can I say, I’ve always liked brunettes and then I fell in love with a blonde, whom I’m going to marry: something Freudian,” the strategist said in conversation. Corriere Della Sera.

Even, Filippo Inzaghi He justified his mature life decisions with the natural cycle of the professional: “A footballer, at 40, must stop everything and reinvent himself; As a player I hated benching and then I turned it into a job because I didn’t know how to stay off the grass. “This is not weakness, this is humanity: when my career as a football player ended, I understood that, paradoxically, I had become an adult.”

Salernitana, where the Mexican goalkeeper plays william eighta is the last of a series With 5 points, the product of five draws and seven defeats, still without a win, five units from relegation, in the power of Empoli (10).

Paco Memo and Salernitana He will return to Serie A activity on November 25 during the visit of Lazio, although the participation of the Mexican goalkeeper is in doubt, since he injured his right shoulder in the first leg of the quarter-finals against Honduras (2-0). CONCACAF Nations League,

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