iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. Which one do I buy?

Specifically are the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 models The ones that we still have around the market and that could be susceptible to purchase, but how far do these smartphones go and will they go in the next 2023? What performance can they give us?

Big and small differences between them

When buying a new mobile phone, it is normal for us to previously update ourselves on its specifications and what each phone will offer us, so in this sense, we summarize and explain everything you need to know about the differences. between devices.

One of the highlights of all iPhones is its camera and the quality with which it is capable of performing. Here we can find minimal differences, since they all ride a 12 MP main camera systemAlthough in the case of the iPhone 14, we find a somewhat better camera thanks to its advanced dual camera system, although the results will be similar.

As for the Chip that mounts each phone, in the iPhone 12 we find the A14 Bionic, which of course gives spectacular performance, just like the A15 Bionic, which we can have both in model 13 and 14. This is one of the first issues that we do not like, because we see how the iPhone 14 does not make that expected leap in the chip, so it remains a bit halfway in our opinion.

Other differences that we can notice is that, for example, it is the inclusion of the Cinema mode, the aperture of f / 1.9 in the iPhone 14 camera or the differences between the storage, taking into account that the iPhone 12 only reaches 256 GB; different minimum questions that will also help the decision.

The future of the three in 2023

When a disbursement of these characteristics is made, one of the most important points that we have to take into account is the durability and the future that these mobiles are expected to have, especially so that they do not become obsolete after a few years. In this sense, we know that Apple proposes a long life for its phones, but which one has the longest journey?

In this 2023 there will be no problems in that the three models are updated to the more than foreseeable iOS 17 and they do it in the same way for a few more years, but what is practically certain is that the 12 will be the model that less time we can use in an updated way. In this sense, and seeing the characteristics of both, everything indicates that both the iPhone 13 and 14 will have a very similar journey in its useful lifeso if you want to get the most out of this mobile and the duration that it will give us, it is best that the decision be directed towards here.

Choose according to your needs

At this point, once we know what each mobile is, the functionalities it has, the future that awaits them in 2023 and the many edges that we find in each of them, the time has come to decide on the purchase of these phones and opt by one. First of all you have to be very clear about your needstrying to make you prevail above all else.

iphone 13 colors

Of course, if your budget is cut and you want to spend as little as possible, the only thing we can tell you is that you opt for the cheapest of all, for the iPhone 12, although this is a decision that we give you so that you can take it with tweezers. If what you want is durability, having a few more years of updates and the latest technology in your device, the 14 should be your choice. Now, the decision that I would personally carry out is neither one nor the other, especially when looking at the quality/price ratio and what each iPhone offers, because would do the same with the iPhone 13.

The latter will combine what we are really looking for, since it has a large part of the latest innovations -in fact, it shares a Chip with the 14- and it will also cost around €60 more than the iPhone 12 costs. Therefore, for us the decision is more than clearwe would buy the iPhone 13.

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