iPhone 15, MacBook Pro, iPad, iGlasses

Apple would be preparing a huge number of new products for the year 2023, but the economic situation does not seem to be very benevolent

Manzana is possibly one of the most incredible brands when it comes to technology. Its products tend to have incredible quality and that makes a legion of followers defend the company tooth and nail. In this way, there are many things that are being prepared for the year 2023 that they look very good.

I am going to tell you what are the ‘highlights’ that Apple has prepared for the year 2023. A year that can be very interesting.

iPhone 15: a revolution for Apple?

Let’s not kid ourselves, the iPhone is the most anticipated product every year. Not only from the Cupertino brand, but from all phones. It is difficult for a phone to create more expectation than that of the most valued brand in the world.

In any case, the iPhone 15 proposes to be a revolution in many aspects, so I am going to briefly tell you what are the coolest things that it has to offer us.

iPhone 15
  • There could be four models. The iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra.
  • The latest model would be a real revolution. It would incorporate haptic buttons to dispense with the physical volume up buttons, making it more durable.
  • The physical appearance of these iPhone 15 it would be with a crystal back set in a titanium frame. A truly premium and innovative finish.
  • They could have a substantial improvement in battery but be more or less as powerful as the iPhone 14.
  • will be presented in Septemberas every year.

New iPad Pro and MacBook with OLED display

This novelty is quite simple. It seems that Apple would be considering launching new OLED screens for its iPad and MacBook Air terminals. In this way, he would abandon the current technology to opt for this one, which further improves the quality of the colors and also It also significantly increases the capacity of the batteries, since the black colors with OLED screen hardly consume.

apple macbook

All of this according to display supply chain expert Ross Young, who is often correct in his forecasts.

The long-awaited Apple Augmented Reality glasses: iGlasses

The Apple Glasses, iGlasses or the name that the members of the marketing section of Apple are considering could come out in the year 2023. In fact, there are those who speak of a possible presentation this same month of January. Honestly, it is something that I rule out, but some leakers seem very convinced.

But hey, what are the Glasses?

apple glasses

They are augmented reality glasses that will allow us to have a lot of interactions with our environment. At the moment very little is known about them:

  • RealityOS is the operating system that these glasses from the brand founded by Steve Jobs will incorporate. It is known because Apple registered this trademark through one of its shell companies that it uses precisely to register products.😊
  • Its design is totally unknown to the general public and its characteristics as well. 😍
  • Although it is believed that they could have a totally normal design, oblivious to bizarre aesthetics. We could even take them down the street. 👍

The fact is that it is one of the proposals of those from Cupertino that are generating the most expectation

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