‘Iranian Angelina Jolie’ comes out of prison and shows what her true face looks like

the iranian sahar tabar rose to fame a few years ago, appearing on social networks with an emaciated image on her face and body, which many associated with a physical appearance similar to that of Angelina Jolie, for which she was named the Angelina Jolie “zombie”.

The woman had assured on her YouTube channel that she had undergone more than 50 cosmetic surgeries on her face to look like the American actress, including rhinoplasty, liposuction and cosmetic procedures to thicken her lips.

Due to her behavior, the Tehran Guidance Court detained her in 2019 on charges of insulting “religion”, “inciting immorality” and image alteration, corruption and blasphemy.

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‘Iranian Angelina Jolie’ shows her true identity

After two years in prison, Sahar Tabar, He served his sentence and reappeared before the Iranian media with his real face, assuring that it was a hoax and all his transformations were the product of Photoshop filters and retouches.

The influencer acknowledged to the Iranian press that “I wanted to be famous since I was a child. Cyberspace was an easy way. It was much easier than becoming an actress.” assured.

In addition, he indicated that after his time in prison he had made the decision not to use any social network again, “I’m sure I won’t even put Instagram on my phone anymore, let alone have a page,” confessed. This was the appearance of her in the media revealing her true face.

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