Iranian women and Selena Gomez express their support for the teenagers arrested for dancing in a video

The five Iranian girls who were arrested for dancing in a video have publicly apologizedwhile Iranian women have expressed their support for the group by posting their own images doing the same on social media.

On March 8, the five teenagers shared a recording on TikTok dancing to the song calmDown, by Selena Gomez and Rema. Next to a block of flats in Ekbatan, in Tehran, the girls danced without covering their heads.

The stream of protests since Amini’s death

It was reported that they were detained by Iranian police two days later. In Iran, women may not dance in public or be seen without their hair covered by a hijab. His arrest joins many others that have taken place since the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini on September 16 last year.

Amini was detained by the Iranian morality police for not wearing her headscarf properly. Her death, three days after her arrest, has since been highly criticized by Iranian society; her parents accuse the police of having killed her. mWomen across the country have protested in numerous demonstrations against the strict restrictions on them burning hijabs and cutting their hair.

Now the girls apologize for their dance in another video

“Dear Iranian people, we want to say that we made a mistake and we want to apologize. We asked, but the website did not want to delete our dance video,” they say in it. “We are very sorry for our mistake. TV channels used our video without our permission. We asked them to delete it but they didn’t pay any attention to us,” stresses one of the young women.

According to the Twitter account @shahrak_ekbatan, which provides information on the location of the five teenagers, they were forced to apologize.

“The girls from Ekbatán, whose dance video went viral, after being warned by the courts, were detained for two days. They have extracted a forced confession from them that they have uploaded to the page of the dance instructor Janom Mitra,” the report reads. message. “His strength reached our daughters? We will show them what is happening,” she continues.

Despite the adolescents’ apologies, their action has received the support of women around the world.

American singer Selena Gomez shared an article on Instagram saying: “Love to these young women and all the women in Iran who continue to be brave demanding fundamental changes. Please know that your strength is inspiring”.

Nigerian singer Rema has also commented: “To all the beautiful women who fight for a better world, you inspire me, I sing for you and I dream of you,” he wrote on Twitter.

In Iran, too, women have started posting videos in support of adolescent girls in which they appear dancing to the same song without covering their heads. The recordings appear with their faces blurred so as not to be identified by the Iranian authorities.

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