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In recent months, the figure of Angela Aguilar What the most important exponent of regional music has been indisputable, achieving great presentations and a lot of followers both in his presentations and on his social networks, where he accumulates more than 8 million followers.

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And it is that the merit of the famous daughter of Pepe Aguilar It is not only standing out thanks to his talent in music and his charisma as an influencer, but also doing it in an environment dominated by men, who usually prevail in genres such as bandthe corridos or the northern.

For this reason, the success achieved by Gussy Lau’s ex-partner is joined by Irany Divad, who is even considered as “the princess of norteño music”, a singer and accordionist who would have conquered even his own Pepe Aguilar with his talent.

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The 18-year-old artist, originally from Mexicali, Baja California, is a singer, accordionist and pianist, in addition to being considered the future of regional Mexican music.

In addition to her remarkable talent, the young woman is very charismatic, reaping a large number of followers on social networks, where she borders on 250 thousand followers, with whom she interacts frequently, and where she boasts presentations in Texas, Las Vegas and New York.

Similarly, Divad has been part of shows like “La Academia Kids” and “La Voz Kids”, where she played various instruments, including the ukulele.

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In addition to her performances, the young singer signed an exclusive contract with Machin Records, Pepe Aguilar’s family production company that works hand in hand with Equinoccio Records.

With the incorporation, the young Mexicalense became the first exclusive artist in the record label of the Aguilar dynasty.

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