Irene Rosales responds to criticism for a drastic decision about her daughters

Irene Rosales He has made a very emphatic decision that has completely changed the content that we are going to see on his social networks. For a long time, we have hardly seen the faces of Ana and Charlottehis daughters, and it has not been until now that he has confirmed that it is something that he is doing conscientiously.

The former collaborator of ‘Viva la Vida’ has revealed that is hiding their faces on their social media. Although before, she alone censored the face of her husband’s eldest son, Francisco (because of the decision she made together with jessica bueno), now we have been able to learn that both he and Irene have joined celebrities such as Laura Escanes, Penélope Cruz, the singer Adele or Belén Esteban and they have begun to censor the faces of their children.

Irene Rosales responds to the complaints: “If you feel like it, you get angry”

“For all those people who seem to be annoyed that I have made the decision to cover my daughters’ faces, I am sorry to tell you that if what you intend to see on my networks is my daughters’ faces, I prefer that you do not follow me, since for a while I made the decision not to take them out“He explained in a very forceful Instagram story, also adding that”Now if you feel like it, you’ll get angry, but I know that the vast majority will respect my decision.“.

Irene Rosales has made it clear that she wants to preserve the privacy of her daughters (@irerova24)

Irene Rosales has made it clear that she wants to preserve the privacy of her daughters (@irerova24)

Among some of the motivations of celebrities are, evidently, preserve the privacy of children in a world where the children of celebrities become victims of accusations and bullying for their overexposure. Furthermore, in this way, until they make the decision to show their face, young people will remain anonymous.

Although the little ones have starred in exclusives that did not hide their faces and that we can still see some photos from their Instagram in which they appear with their faces uncovered, the model has made it very clear that she will not do it again and that she will not matter what they say.

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