Irpef reform, the Labor Consultants confirm: “Rewarding for medium-high incomes”. Here are the tables with the effects on payroll

“A situation clearly emerges from the first projections made bonuses for medium-high incomes. There’s no room left for a big one optimism about the overall quantification of all the changes made: le payslips of 2022 will reserve several surprises and, in many cases, not positive“. Rosario De Luca, president of the foundation for labor consultants studies, commented on the latest circular of the Studies Foundation which analyzes the conjunction of the Irpef reform, from the one-off deduction for incomes under 35 thousand euros and the law decree establishing thesingle and universal check for dependent children. The document confirms what has written since November: the revision of rates, deductions and bonuses 100 euros benefits in absolute terms above all incomes of around 40 thousand euros, well above the Italian average of employees. The premier Mario Draghi during the press conference on December 22, responding to, claimed that “it was not true”, but the micro-simulations ofParliamentary Budget Office and the same tables of the Treasury deny it.

The reform costs 7.29 billion and on 42.7 million taxpayers – write the Consultants, reporting a table ofParliamentary Budget Office – 27.8 million will be benefited, 14.5 million will remain indifferent to the reform while for 372 thousand there will be penalties. Only two thirds of employees will have a tangible benefit. In 2022, when there will also be a one-off cut in contributions on compensation of employees below 35 thousand euros, for the range between 28 thousand and 30 thousand euros a year the savings amount to no more than 7 euros per month, the consultants calculate, while if you have an income of 40 thousand euros it gets to 944 euros per year compared to 2021. In 2023, with the disappearance of the tax deduction, the benefit for low incomes will further reduce, as can be seen in the tables below (click to enlarge), while it will remain unchanged from the 40 thousand euros of taxable income upwards.

The Consultants recall that the single and universal allowance for families will be added to these provisions starting from March, with a further change in employee payslips: due to the abrogation of the allowance for the family unit and tax deductions for dependent children will reduce the amount received directly from the employer. In parallel, it will be possible to receive the single check paid by INPS provided that, in the presence of the subjective requisites envisaged, the application has been independently submitted. “The amounts received, however, – write the Consultants – could do not resemble those of the past because they are based on the Isee of the family unit instead of on income for tax purposes “.

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