irresistible in a bikini in hawaii

If her breaking up with her boyfriend Devin Booker ignited the web a few days ago, everything suggests that they have patched things up. The star couple traveled to Hawaii with friends for summer vacation. Kendall Jenner posted several pictures of her outfits, each one hotter than the other.

Kendall Jenner, backer in Hawaii

On Instagram, the model posted a carousel of several photos from her dream vacation. Setting sun, boat trip, getaway in the middle of nature… it offers us a spectacular panorama. But what made Internet users react were her ultra sexy and assertive looks.

Kendall Jenner confirms the two trends of this summer: the bikini and the floral print. We see the top pose in different settings of the Pacific Island. The tropical atmosphere can be found even on her multicolored floral bikini during her trip to the sea. We also see her wearing another red bikini with pink and white flowers. Appearances worthy of real fashion lessons!


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