Is Catalonia’s incentive to attract Family MIRs useful?

Moments prior to the start of the MIR exam.

The economic incentive of up to 9,000 euros a year for doing the Family MIR in Catalonia promoted by the Department of Health has failed. And it is that, according to data published by the Ministry of Health, up to order number 4,400, only 25 places in this specialty have been sold out of the 370 available in the autonomous community. A year ago, at this point in the process of assigning places, Catalonia had assigned a total of 27, two more than in this call.

Thus, until this Tuesday 7 percent has been covered of family places offered by Catalonia, 25 seats of 370. However, in the 2021 MIR, up to order number 4,400, 27 places had been chosen out of a total of 365, which meant a 7.5 percent rateaccording to data from the Ministry of Health.

Catalonia is currently the second region that has sold out the most Family placesonly behind Andalusia, with 32 out of a total of 410. Although it is the second autonomous community that offers the most places in this specialty, Catalonia is below average coverage ratesince in the whole of the State 189 places have been chosen out of a total of 2,336, which represents a 8 percent rate.

The incentive program offered up to 9,000 euros per year to the new residents of Family and Community Medicine and Mental Health Nursing who chose Catalonia. Unlike Family Medicine, the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, this Tuesday described this measure as “successful” to promote Mental Health Nursingsince the first and second quartiles have increased by 50 percent compared to the previous year.

The decision, which entered into force for the first time in this edition of the MIR and the EIR, was accompanied by a three million euros to promote these two specialties with the aim of promoting territorial equity, attracting and retaining talent. New residents could benefit from between 5,000 and 9,000 euros depending on the location where the teaching unit is located.

Does Family Medicine rise in the trends of the MIR election?

After ten days from the start of the allocation of MIR places for access to Specialized Health Training (FSE), Family and Community Medicine registers a rise in the trends of the MIR electionwith one square every 26 shifts.

Among the first 4,000 order numbers had been awarded a total of 154 places in this specialty, which means that every 26 candidates, one has chosen a position in Family. In 2021 it was assigned one vacancy for every 30 numbers of order up to this same point of the MIR award.

The Family Medicine societies congratulate themselves on the better start of the specialty this year compared to the previous one, since they yearned for be chosen by the students with the best grades so that a call effect is generated that leads to covering all the places as soon as possible and without rushing the deadline. However, they have shown their dismay at the lack of incentives on the part of public administrations to make the specialty attractive

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