Is collaboration coming?: Grupo Frontera and Bella Poarch turn on the networks with a mysterious message

The American group, Grupo Frontera, has become one of the most important representatives of the grupero genre in these times, thanks to their interpretations such as ‘No se va’, ‘Que vuelves’, a single that they recorded alongside Carin León , ‘Say yes’, ‘Baby Tell me’, which have positioned them as one of the favorites among the youth.

It is because of this success that they have opened up the possibilities of collaborations with artists of the same genre and even those who are not, such is the case of the influencer and singer, Bella Poarch.

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The interpreters of ‘Que vuelvas’ have excited their millions of followers after a message they wrote to the interpreter of ‘Build a Bitch’.

And it is that through his Instagram account, Grupo Frontera commented on a publication in which the content creator appears dancing one of the hits of the band ‘Bebé Dame’.

“I have a thousand plans, proposals to love, you and me in solitude”wrote Grupo Frontera in the publication of Bella Poarch.

This interaction on the part of both generated illusions in the fans of the band, because although Grupo Frontera only got on the mame train, there are those who are asking the singers to do a collaboration between both artists, because according to them, it would be a complete success.

So far, everything remains mere speculation, since neither Bella Poarch nor Grupo Frontera have spoken about it.

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Who is Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch rose to fame on the Chinese social network, TikTok, thanks to a video that went viral to the point of breaking the record as the clip with the most likes on the Chinese network.

From there he debuted as a singer with his first single ‘Build a Bitch’.

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