Is Dopesick on Netflix? Where to see the series based on true events


Dopesick arrived almost two years ago and although a season 2 has not arrived, it remains alive with the passage of time. Where you can see?

Is Dopesick on Netflix?  Where to see the series based on real events.
© IMDbIs Dopesick on Netflix? Where to see the series based on real events.

dopesick It premiered in October 2021 and was listed as one of the best series of that year. It is one of Danny Strong’s creations, based on the book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy, on the opioid crisis in the United States. Her episodes, starring big stars, were all the rage at the time. Where can it be seen now?

“Dopesick is a series that takes an ambitious, compelling and harrowing look at the epicenter of America’s fight against opioid addiction, taking in the distraught Virginia mining community and the DEA corridors battling opioid addiction. Through portraits Relentless, yet deeply human, the series tells the story of various affected families and how they intersect with each other, thus offering a mirror image of what the situation in the United States is like right now with regard to opioids”mentions its official synopsis.

+Where can you see Dopesick

As it is one of the most talked about fictions of the last time, a logical thought would be that it be part of the catalog of the Netflix platform. However, we must tell you that this is not the case, since it is a product of direct competition. The show was produced by 20th Television, a company that is part of Disney Television Productions. Therefore, dopesick It can currently be seen on the Star+ streaming service in Latin America and Disney+ in Spain.

Dopesick can be seen on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ in Spain. (IMDb)

As we mentioned, the series was received positively by the audience, but also by critics. On Rotten Tomatoes it earned a rating of 79%, with a critical consensus reading: “Dopesick sometimes sags under the weight of its subject matter, but strong performances by Michael Keaton and Kaitlyn Dever and an empathetic approach to the very real people affected by the opioid crisis make for a heartbreaking drama”. Elsewhere, on Metacritic it had a score of 66/100 with “generally favorable reviews”.

Dopesick stars michael keaton (Dr Samuel Finnix), Peter Sarsgaard (Rick Mountcastle) michael stuhlbarg (Richard Sackler) Will Poulter (Billy Cutler) john hoogenakker (Randy Ramseyer) Kaitlyn Dever (Betsy Mallum) and Rosario Dawson (Bridget Meyer). Also in the cast: Jake McDorma, Ray McKinnon, Mare Winningham, Cleopatra Coleman, Will Chase, Phillipa Soo, Jaime Ray Newman, Andrea Frankle, Rebecca Wisocky, Meagen Fay and Trevor Long.

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