Is ‘Euphoria’ inspired by the idea of ​​theft? Creator of HBO Max series in the spotlight

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  • hit hbo max series, ‘Excitement’, generates and develops a lot of controversies inside and outside the story. When it is not criticized for romanticizing drug use, an aspect for which Zendaya herself had to explain, it becomes the news of the day due to the death of one of its protagonists, Angus Cloud, who played Fezco. Had played the favorite character of. Well, the new chapter in the controversy that has been pointed towards is Allegations of theft of ideas by producer and director Sam Levinson.

    Another hero of this information that has just spread around the world is: petra collins, an artist who wrote ‘Vampire’ or ‘Bad Idea Right?’ Like having directed music videos. by Olivia Rodrigo, as well as some short films or advertising campaigns. And, according to what Pankat told the media, he also She was supposed to lead the production of ‘Euphoria’ but backed out at the last minute, though she kept the aesthetic she created.

    ”I am going to tell a truth about the series which I have never told before. He began, “The reason I went to Los Angeles was because of Sam Levinson, who directs the show.” He contacted the agency and wrote to me: ‘I have written a fictional story based on your photographs. Will you direct it?’ So I went to LA and worked with HBO for about five months. I was like, ‘I’m going to direct a series!’ I created a whole universe, I did the casting… and at the last minute they told me at HBO: ‘We’re not going to hire you, you’re too young.’ It was like, ‘Okay, thanks for everything.’ They wouldn’t use my version of the series—I was too naive—they would create a new version. And a year later, as I leave my apartment, I find an advertising poster (for ‘Euphoria’) and it’s exactly what I am, a copy of my work., “I started crying, I was in shock.”

    Currently, neither Sam Levinson nor anyone from HBO has responded to these allegations, but for Petra Collins the consequences did not end there: ”The situation was very intense for me, because it is about the aesthetics I’ve created throughout my life. Life… now I’ve had to change it, because it’s started to become ‘mainstream’, and I feel like it’s been taken away from me. The worst part is when people who don’t know me tell me that my pictures look like ‘Euphoria’.

    Wow, looks like we now know who we have to thank for the amazing ‘Euphoria aesthetic’. Let’s hope that if it is meant to be, Petra Collins gets her recognition soon.

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