Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preparing for a covert regeneration?

Ellen Pompeo will not shoot the entire nineteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy. The actress wants to work in a miniseries, her first role since she landed the role of Meredith Gray in 2004, so she is only expected to appear in eight episodes of the season. This is not even half of the 20 or 22 episodes. And, in addition to her temporary absence, numerous additions to the cast are expected: the arrival of five new residents at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Do we have a covert regeneration in the medical series?

The previous season ended with the end of the hospital surgery program after the controversial decision of Dr. Weber (James Pickens Jr) to give residents more freedom in the operating room, allowing them to operate without supervision in simple a priori interventions. This, as viewers already know, ended in tragedy with Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) killing a patient and leaving him traumatized for weeks. However, with the new season, the hospital will resume its educational work.

Five new residents expected: Alexis Floyd, Midori Francis, Adelaide JKane

“This season, the hospital will go through a kind of renaissance,” said actress Alexis Floyd, one of the newcomers whom the audience had seen in another Shondaland production, Who is Anna?. As told to the magazine People, second chances will be one of the main themes of the season. The other signings are Midori Francis (The sex life of college girls), Nico Terho (The thing about Harry), Adelaide Kane (Once upon a time) and Harry Shum Jr. (Shadowhunters).

It is true that it is not the first time that residents have entered the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace. In the sixth season, for example, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) entered, who became fixed characters, in addition to others who lasted three newscasts such as Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner). In the ninth season, the maneuver was repeated with the introduction of Shane Ross (Gaius Charles), Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) and Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer), in addition to a Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) who by now already has the status of veteran. And the last significant batch of residents included Schmitt and Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot), who have been on the roster since season fourteen.

The difference of the new signings, however, is both the profile of the contracted actors and the moment of transformation in which they arrive. Names like Francis, Floyd and Shum Jr may not be from the front line of Hollywood but they do have enough experience to qualify for more presence than today’s residents of Hollywood tend to have. Grey’s Anatomy. And, as we said, the series is in full transformation with an unusual situation: that the Gray of the title is going to be missing for most of the season.

For now, the current showrunner Krista Vernoff isn’t openly talking about a reboot. Vernoff and Rhimes, who currently only serves as executive producer, have made sure that a veteran returns to soften the blow: Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery. But, considering that the fiction enters its nineteenth season, one thing is clear: it is entering the field of exploration to see if the hospital with the most catastrophes in the United States can survive without Meredith on the payroll.

The current showrunner, Krista Vernoff, does not talk about ‘reboot’ openly and, to mitigate Pompeo’s partial departure, Kate Walsh returns as Addison Montgomery

Pompeo’s partial departure will also allow Grey’s Anatomy Cut Costs: If Ellen Pompeo takes in more than $20 million a year for starring in the series and producing the spin-off, the series will save roughly half a million per episode when she’s shooting the miniseries for Hulu, owned by Disney as the ABC channel in which the mythical medical drama is broadcast.

It will be seen if these changes lead to a significant metamorphosis: the introduction of a point and followed by rejuvenating part of the cast. Since the death of Derek Shepperd (Patrick Dempsey), Grey’s Anatomy is in a creative coma, marked by repetitive plots (everything that has to do with Owen or Amelia) and the lack of guts when it comes to betting on new ones (Jaicy Elliot has more than 70 episodes as Dr. Helm and we hardly know anything about her). Or, well, there’s also the possibility that she carries Grey’s Anatomy to its final cancellation.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is in a creative coma since Derek’s death based on repeating plots and the lack of guts when it comes to betting on new residents

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