Is having Bella and Gigi Hadid at your show the pinnacle of cool for designers?

A show Isabel funny is always an event. The French cool girl par excellence continues to invite, season after season, stars and journalists in awe, who forget for a moment the holes in the bank account for which the designer is responsible. Marant has its followers who know they are there for a show. This time again, in the courtyard of the Palais Royal, everything was there to conquer the hearts of fashionistas… in particular the two Hadids ! Gigi and Bella are in Paris and the sisters have agreed to parade together! Something to create the event, like every time the sisters agree to grace the runway as a duo.

The Hadid sisters, superstars from sister to sister

To install their legitimate fashion, the two sisters had to scour the podium. First of all gigithen bella. To win you had to be everywhere. But now that their name and their faces are selling, the duo no longer needs to be on every show. Their appearances are calculated, between blockbuster brands and sharp young designers. The presence of one of them is the guarantee of maximum exposure on social networks. But when the two walk the same podium, we go to the XXL exhibition. What does it take to attract both? Surely a big model budget to start! Impossible to say if you have to pay more to book them on the same parades. If they haven’t thought of it, we hope we’ll be thanked for the idea!

Summer 2023 under the sign of the Hadids

For this season spring-summer 2023, several brands were honored. In New York, it was Tom Ford who transformed them into disco divas. In Milan, Versace also engages them in pairs: no wonder, they have already posed for the family campaign, with Donatella as a guest! In Paris it is therefore Isabel funny who wins the jackpot! But Fashion Week is not over… They whisper that the two sisters could make a remarkable appearance on another catwalk at the beginning of next week… We stay on the lookout and we hope to be blessed by a double divine appearance .

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