Is it Edith Gonzalez? Ella’s daughter Constanza Creel looks IDENTICAL to her when she was young | PHOTOS

The Legacy of the beauty of Edith González is kept alive in her only daughter, who at 17 years old shows a great resemblance to her mother, who died of ovarian cancer.

Despite Constanza Creel has kept a low profile Since her mother passed away at the age of 54 in June 2019, a photograph was recently made public showing that she and her mother not only share eye color.

Edith González began her career at a very young age

Well, that’s just one of the traits that genetically Edith González inherited from her daughterwho in fact, has other very similar facial features of whoever was the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Doña Bárbara‘.

Constance Creel Gonzalez She was born on August 17, 2004 and although she lost her mother at a young age, they both took advantage of every moment they could be together.

This is what Edith González’s daughter looks like today

in life, Edith Gonzalez He had no qualms about publishing photos on social networks of little Constanza, who is the fruit of the love between the actress and the politician. santiago creel.

Since then, the followers of the beautiful Mexican dancer noticed the great similarities that existed between Edith González and her daughteralthough these have become more latent as the beautiful Constance Creel it has been growing.

This is what Edith González looked like when she was young

Therefore, many of the fans of the late actress are looking forward to Constance Creel dares to venture into the world of acting, although so far he has not shown interest in it.

Like her mother, Constanza has a revolutionary spirit and continually fights for her ideals, so it was no surprise that she participated in the demonstration for Women’s Day on March 8.


Step aside, Lucerito Mijares! Constanza, daughter of Edith González, has already grown up and captivates in networks with this makeup: PHOTO

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