“Is it going to spoil their album?”

jungkook BTS has revolutionized the way content is uploaded to Instagram stories.

BTS' Jungkook surprised fans with his Instagram Stories:

BTS’s Jungkook surprises fans with his Instagram Stories: “Is this a spoiler for his album?”

BTS does it again. The youngest member of the South Korean group, jungkook, has created a new trend. With just a few images, she stunned her fans, who did not let the moment pass on social networks. There are chances that it will go viral among superstars in no time.

What does Jungkook’s latest video show?

The BTS artist was once again seen using an unusual video format on his Instagram account. through them instagram stories He immediately attracted the attention of his followers. Its effect was so strong that it has already started emerging as a trend Twitter And her name has been tagged in various posts on the famous social network. It is likely that this is an unorthodox promotional strategy as is customary for this talented band.

The format in which these stories were uploaded was a bit confusing for more than one. The BTS singer decided to reduce the size of the images and inserted them in the middle of the video. With this new presentation, he aimed to prove his good vision to his fans.

However, the ability of many users Instagram Challenged to video editing jungkook, Within minutes, the contents of that unique recording were revealed. The images show the Asian icon’s perspective from a car going somewhere. In the second sequence, the same artist is seen inside the car.

Jungkook’s followers react to the video

Thousands of fans of K-pop group, BTS and jungkook Confused after the recent publication of However, that was not a deterrent for him to create different memes about the funny moment. “Jon Jungkook uploaded a story to Instagram and here I am trying to see if it’s going to spoil his album”commented a fan.

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