Is it possible for Skins to come back?


The series, starring figures such as Nicholas Hoult and Kaya Scodelario, was broadcast between 2007 and 2013, with a total of 7 seasons, all developed in Bristol, England.

Skins had 61 episodes.
© IMDbSkins had 61 episodes.

In one way or another, today almost all the series and movies that became classics at the time have had some reboot or revival. Especially those dealing with friendships or ties, such as sex and the city (converted to And just like that) and others referring to such complex stages of life as adolescence, which was shown in gossip-girl. Of course, they are not the only ones and we can also talk about comedies like How I met your mothernow from the mother’s point of view.

In this context, if there is a fiction that knew how to have its entourage of followers and could have its reboot, that is Skins. Starring figures like Nicholas Hoult and Kaya Scodelariohad a total of 7 seasons that were broadcast between 2007 and 2013, when it was canceled by mtv, mainly due to audience problems. In total, more than 60 episodes were broadcast under the management of the creators Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley.

One of the great points of Skins it had to do with the idea that every two seasons there would be a different series of protagonists. All the stories took place in Bristol, England, but what changed were their figures. In all, of course, very complex topics such as sexuality, mental illness, addictions and more were touched upon. Could we see this again?

It is clear that these issues are still valid today and are widely treated by fictions such as euphoria either sex education, for example. It would be hard to think of a reboot of Skins without several fans who grew up with the original show appearing, asking them not to ruin this story. However, the fact that several fictions that were thought to be impossible to return have returned, such as the case of Sarah Jessica Parker Y sex and the citythis could open the door to a new edition of Skins.

+One of the protagonists of Skins opposes the reboot

Beyond what the fans want, there is an actress who is very clear that she does not want to see new episodes of Skins. Is about Kaya Scodelariowho in an interview with Metro.co.uk made in 2019 made its reasons clear. “I wouldn’t want to, it was from his time. It predated social media as well and I think any show would have to incorporate that and it would be a completely different feel.”he explained, and then added with a more joking tone: “I am so protective that I would not want there to be a reboot. I would oppose anyone who wants to play Effy after me or any other character”.

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