is it swifty? Alfonso Cuarón and his children attend Taylor Swift’s final concert in Mexico City. Video

The Mexican filmmaker and his children arrive at Foro Sol for Taylor Swift’s last concert in Mexico. (Screenshot @ticketelhamster / @LaArdilla_Dice / @bucuaron)

singer’s last concert Taylor Swift Happened this Sunday, August 27, in Mexico City sun forum,

As had been the case on the previous three nights, attendees entered the venue from 4:00 p.m. assume that Sabrina Carpenter He will open the show around 7:00 PM while Swift will take the stage at 8:10 PM.

During check-in time, thousands of people arrived at the property in bright clothes, dresses and make-up to celebrate the last show of their idol in Mexico. According to the testimony of various fans on the Internet, that last night will be one of the most special and memorable, as it was already a farewell concert.

At the exact moment the fans passed under the bridge to reach one of the track’s entrances, some of them recognized the famous Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón,

A young man identified as @ticketelhamster on X (formerly Twitter) managed to document that meeting and shared the video clip via the social network. In the less than 10-second recording, the director can be seen walking through a large group of people who surrounded him to welcome him and take a picture with him. Although there were many fans, filmmaker stopped To talk to everyone, he greeted and struck various poses selfies,

The film director went to Foro Sol for the fourth concert of the American singer Credit: (x/TicktelHumster)

Cuarón was overjoyed and shared his feelings with everyone who attended the concert during a tour of his venue inside the Foro Sol. And he also added to the enthusiasm among the fans,”Where do we go?Alfonso shouted. ,for taylor swift concert”, answered the assistants.

Internet users immediately reacted to the video, “Really, this is cinema”, “Iñárritu was missing nothing else”, “It’s Swifty”, “I love you so much Alfonso Cuarón”, “I Was overjoyed”, “One’s dream movie buff and swifty”, “My idol”, were some of the comments in the publication of the video clip.

In some other videos taken from other angles, the “Roma” director attended the concert with his children, Tess Boo and Olmo. The family was kept safe by Foreo Sol security to avoid accidents. It is noteworthy that Tess has already confirmed on several occasions through her Instagram profile that she is a big fan of Taylor Swift.

He also has a picture with her when they were at a party after the delivery Oscar Awards in 2019,

Alfonso Cuarón during his arrival at the Foro Sol at CDMX. (Screenshot @LaArdilla_Dice / @iamangymartinez)

Taylor Swift’s last show in Mexico ended around 11:30 p.m. Amidst fireworks, a brief thank-you speech and a promise to return to the country, the musician said goodbye to her Mexican audience.

About an hour later, the Cuarón family was stirred after Tess Boo shared it via her Instagram account. He Took Backstage Photos With Taylor Swift, In the same way he showed all the bracelets that his father had got in return friendship bracelets,

The Cuarón family visited Taylor at the end of her last concert at CDMX. (@bucuaron)

In the pictures you can see Tess Boo being given a friendly hug backstage by Taylor Swift, the American singer wearing jean pants and a black T-shirt by The Beatles; While Boo posed with a blue sweatshirt and green cap. In another photo, Alfonso Cuarón, Tess, Olmo, another girl and Swift in the middle are seen with a big smile.

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