Is Keanu Reeves about to debut in a Marvel movie? The clue that drove the fans crazy


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Keanu Reeves will soon join theMarvel universe?

There has been a lot of talk about his possible involvement in one of the franchises produced by Kevin Feige & Co. in recent months, with several rumors that they wanted the star of John Wick among the most eligible candidates for roles that were then assigned to others. It happened to Kraven, then to Moon Knight and later to one of the heroes featured in Eternals. So many hopes but, in the end, no Keanu Reeves.

But it must be said that the constant rumors about his involvement are not just unfounded rumors. The president of Marvel Studios himself, in 2019, had specified: We talk to him almost every time we have to make a movie. We talk to him about when and how he might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we really want to find the right way to do it. “

Basically, it’s only a matter of time before Keanu Reeves joins the MCU. And today, in many are convinced that that moment has already arrived due to a clue that appeared in the last few hours on social media.

Just yesterday the actor turned 57 and, to everyone’s amazement, among the many greetings received from fans and colleagues there were also those of the official Twitter page of Marvel Studios, to be precise that of the English division. It is not uncommon for the profiles of the various franchises or majors to write similar messages addressed to the stars, especially the leading ones, who are part of their films. But what would be the link between Reeves and the House of Ideas?


Clearly, the answer that the fans gave themselves on social networks was the most obvious: that the two sides have finally reached an agreement? Marvel has finally found a suitable role for Keanu Reeves in one of your next projects? For sure, the fact that after the social uproar the tweet was immediately deleted, makes it even more suspicious.


What do you think? Does it all seem very strange to you too or do you think there is another explanation?



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