Is new women’s coach Montese Tomé the solution to the problems?

Some of those who were in or around the Luis Rubiales kissing controversy, Jenny Hermoso was appointed president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after winning the Women’s Football World Cup. He thought that the social hustle and bustle that has emerged is a waste of water, That everything will pass with time, that everything will return to normal.

They didn’t expect the social pressure, they didn’t expect our national #MeToo to start as #Seacabó, Nor that celebrities such as Natalie Portman raised their voices in support of Hermoso, nor that most international soccer players on the senior women’s team, such as Aitana Bonamati or Alexia Putellas, unconditionally stood on the side of common sense: respect. .

They thought they were saved after this RFEF gathering on Friday, August 25, in which Rubiales He received applause for his ‘explanation’ of what happened to Hermoso: “The kiss, or rather the peck. The feeling of that euphoric moment was the same as I would have felt if I had given it to my daughters. The problem is the false feminism that dominates this country (applause). I have been with them for more than a month. He picked me up from the ground, we almost fell. She was the one who lifted me up. we embrace… I told him, a little? And he said okay.”

Really? Among those who praised him was Spain’s then-coach Jorge Vilda, who had already been questioned and briefly involved in controversy. Some of the team’s greatest football players, such as Mapy Lyon, chose not to participate in the World Cup through a statement, pointing fingers at them and claiming that they wanted to protect their “mental health”.

The truth is that all this controversy did not end, as some people expected, and last Tuesday, September 5, RFEF acting president Pedro Rocha announced the dismissal of Vilda and the appointment of Montse Tomé in his place. He is number two as Spanish coach. Who also appreciated Rubiales’ speech.

Spain vs England Final FIFA Women's World Cup Australia New Zealand 2023

Montes Tomé directs Alexia Putellas in the Spain-England match at the 2023 World Cup.

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Who is Montse Tomé?

Montserrat Tomé Vazquez (Oviedo, 1982) pWhether we like it or not, she will go down in history as being the first female coach of a women’s football team. As a footballer, He played in the youth ranks of Oviedo Moderno, Levante and Barcelona. Teams where they placed two leagues in the highest category. He ended his time as a player again in Oviedo, where he retired in 2013.

After training as a coach, she came to RFEF under the guidance of Vilda herself in 2018 and became under-20 and under-17 coach in 2020, replacing Tona Iz. So Tomé, apparently, feels like Vilda and Rubiales: the three have always had a good relationship, The RFEF president offered him a position as sports director at Happy Assembly, Vilda was thinking about replacing him after the 2018 Paris Olympics and Tomé was one of those who appreciated Rubiales’ absurd speech. Was.

The decision of Pedro Rocha to be temporarily in charge of the RFEF has been seen as too constant and conservative by the players’ environment (and many of them). Is Montesse Tomé’s appointment really the change that female footballers needed so that their work, their abilities are recognized and they will not be measured solely on gender standards?

In fact, when his replacement was announced, Vilda said: “Monte Tomé deserves it very much, I congratulated him. I think he has the potential to perform very well. I chose him for the coaching staff. Besides, he has a complete team.” , The greatest legacy I can leave is our recognizable style of play, our methodology… To be able to play like this. We’re right here, let him take advantage of it. She’s ready and she’s going to do it well.” Replacement or successor?

The newspaper La Vanguardia explains it this way: “His figure (Tom’s) generates far more consensus than Wilda’s, but there are also those who believe that he is not the best choice to lead the overall change.” Shortly, they will have to present the list for the Women’s Nations League starting on September 21, and we will see if there are any changes in the squad.

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Jorge Vilda, the former national coach, and his successor in office, Montse Tomé, with another member of the technical team, at the 2023 World Cup.

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Why do footballers distrust Montesse Tomé?

When the World Cup ended, what happened to Hermoso was the straw that broke the camel’s back of a lot of suffering with the Rubianes and Vilda-led board. According to La Vanguardia, The footballers created a WhatsApp group to see what they could do, a group in which they did not include any women belonging to the technical team, I didn’t take U-19 coach Sonia Bermudez.

will come from there Statement of massive support for Jenny Hermoso Which we met on 25 August, which was announced by their union FUTPRO and which included all World Cup players, apart from those who resigned for the World Cup (such as Mapy Lyon, Patrice Guijarro and Claudia Pina) and Football players and former football team members (among them, the first Spanish World Cup scorer, Vicky Losada) said ‘enough’.

players They want a deep change at the level of football, in tactics and in their commitment to quality, and they are not convinced that Montes Tomé is the right man. But apart from changes in the technical team, footballers do not fail to ask that the status of the women’s team be equal to that of the men’s team.

At the time of writing, a strike has still been called in the F League with the five main unions demanding “A concrete proposal regarding minimum wage so that football players in our country are paid commensurate with their talent.” The current minimum wage for a first division football player in Spain, keep in mind, is 16,000 euros: The players’ request amounts to 23,000 euros while the employers’ association is stuck at 20,000.

Perhaps more significant changes than succession are needed to give our women’s football the importance it deserves, isn’t it? after all, We have earned a star on our shirt which shows that we are the best in the world. Well now the time has come to live up to it.

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