Is She Hulk really the best superhero out there? This is what the critics say

A few months ago we told you here at MUNDIARIO about the Critics Choice Super Awards, a kind of Oscars for the most popular categories for the public: action, horror, science fiction and superheroes. Thus, held in mid-March 2023, the award recognized Tatiana Maslany as Best Actress in a Superhero Serieswhich triggered the annoyance of some Internet users.

And if we have to be honest, the 33% acceptance that the public gave to She-Hulk on Rotten Tomatoes it is not incoherent, as the Marvel Studios production takes off successfully, but in the middle of the trip it forgets how to fly and ends up crashing headlong, losing the humor so characteristic of the character and replacing it with filler episodes, except for the long-awaited moment where Charlie Cox appears again as Daredevil.

However, it would be unfair to say that Maslany did not do a good job, since his humor carries with the whole series, in addition to having good chemistry with the rest of the characters, and is up to the task in the dramatic scenes of the climax. Despite this, the annoyance of some fans who consider that Michelle Gomez should have taken the awardfor her performance as Laura De Mille / Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol.

What other superhero projects were winners?

crowning herself as the Best Superhero Movie of 2022, batman surprised the public with the change in tone of The Dark Knight, getting in turn Colin Farrel (The Penguin) was recognized as Best Actor in a Superhero Moviebeating out his colleagues Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano.

Coming back with Marvel, Angela Basset added another statuette (Best Actress in a Superhero Movie) for her performance as the Queen Mother in Wakanda Forever (2022), defeating Elizabeth Olsen (Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness) and Natalie Portman (Thor: Love & Thunder).

And to top it off, The Boys (Prime Video sensation) took home the award for Best Superhero Series, Best Actor in the same subcategory as well as best villainboth statuettes for Anthony Starr, better known as Homelander. @mundiario

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