Is the possibility receding? What must happen for Honduras to play the 2024 Copa América


The next edition of the America Cup It has not yet defined its headquarters for 2024 and therefore its format would not increase in number of participants.

conmebol awarded to Ecuador the candidacy for the next contest, but that country declined it in 2022 due to financial problems for its assembly.

This caused the confederation to hold talks with concacaf to move the tournament to the nation of USA where the next World Cup will be held in 2026.

Chile became two-time champion of the Americas in the United States in 2016.

With North America hosting the America Cupthis event, as well as in the edition Centenary In 2016, it will change its championship system, since the 10 teams from the southern cone would be joined by 6 participants from Central and North America (concacaf).

In this way, instead of two groups of five participants, there will be four zones of four teams where the first two teams in the group will qualify for the next round.

Canada and Mexico, as they are the venues for the next World Cup, would also play the match. Reports indicate that the other slots would be filled by Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama, as they are the most traditional teams in the region.

This was practically a fact, since even the captain of the United States team, Tyler Adams, assured last December that “we will have the opportunity to play in the Copa América.”

However, the issue has taken an unexpected turn after Sebastian Palaciossecretary of sport in Ecuadorwill comment for a medium in his country that he will meet with people from the Federation Ecuadorian Soccer League to reanalyze the organization of the America’s Cup 2024.

palaces argued that Ecuador yes, it can give the money, as a government, to organize the tournament, but that “false expectations should not be raised without looking at what the law allows and does not allow.”

This indicates that Ecuador has returned to the ring to be able to host the most important event in the American continent. If the federation and the tricolor government reach an agreement to host the competition, the Cup will return to Ecuador, but only with the 10 Conmebol teams along with two traditional guests.

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