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Covid worries much less in recent months. Intensive care is no longer under stress as in the early days and hospitalizations seem to proceed at a more relaxed pace. However, it is still too early to relax.

It seems that the infections from Covid have led to a general increase in inflammationand if for some it may seem like a small thing, it is better to update themselves on the fact that, instead, this problem directly affects the heart.

In recent months there has been a increased heart attacksand unfortunately not only in the most vulnerable people. Carlo Cernetti, 54 years old, director of the cardiology units of Treviso and Castelfranco, reveals that:

“Between February and March, hospitalizations for heart attack and heart failure increased by 25% compared to the same period last year and the current upsurge seems to be very strong and violent.”

Why do heart attacks increase after Covid?

Covid continues to turn, and although hospitalizations seem to be proceeding at a less frantic and stressful pace at the moment than at the beginning of the pandemic, what worries most is the increase in heart attacks after Covid, not only in the most vulnerable people. , but also in young subjects.

The study published in “Nature Medicine“And conducted on more than 150,000 patients recovered from Covid-19 compared to over 5 million healthy controls has shown that, after the infection, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases significantly, even in those under the age of 65 with no risk factors such as obesity or diabetes. It has been shown that patients recovered from Covid are 52% more likely to have a stroke. And the danger of heart failure increases by 72%.

To explain why Dr. Cernetti intervenes. The first hypothesis, according to the expert, is that the Covid epidemic has caused a huge one increased inflammation, making the breeding ground for heart attacks and other acute cardiovascular events. The virus leads to increased inflammation, stressed cholesterol plaques tend to ulcerate and rupture, and heart attacks can occur in this way.

In addition, explains Cernetti, after the Covid emergency our life has undergone a re-acceleration so that the level of hormones in our body has increased exponentially and quickly; this has caused and continues to lead to a perfect condition for acute heart problems. It is good to try to pay close attention, at least from this latter point of view.

If anyone points the finger at vaccines, here too Dr. Cernetti has an explanation. The vaccine prepares the body for a less violent impact with the virus: in addition, it is good to understand that the damage caused by Covid is not linked so much to the virus, as to a overreaction of the immune system. Vaccines, on the other hand, explains the expert, do not trigger this mechanism.

Covid and increase in heart attacks: what solutions are there?

In Italy, a change of course in cardiological care is immediately needed, because the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic are worsening the cardiovascular health of citizens.

According to the doctors, this scenario requires not only to recover the accumulated delays as soon as possible, giving the cardiological emergency network the highest priority, but also to invest more resources in research and prevention and to renovate infrastructure in hospitals.

It is also important that they come eliminating disparities between standards of care provided in the various Regions, especially as regards diagnoses or highly complex interventions in the South.

Ciro Indolfi, Vice President of FOCE (Federation of Oncologists, Cardiologists and Hematologists) and President of SIC (Italian Society of Cardiology), explains:

“A worrying picture is emerging that risks undoing the important achievements achieved in over 20 years. Heart disease affects 7.5 million people in Italy. In 36 years (1980-2016) total mortality from cardiovascular diseases has more than halved and the contribution of new therapies has been the one that has most influenced this trend. But the pandemic is undoing all these advances. It is not unjustified alarmism, as some have even claimed. Our concerns are based on reliable data ”.

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