Is Todd Waterman the father of Kendall Jenner? Inside the theory

Kardashian fans have concocted a theory that the man Kris Jenner had an affair with, Todd Waterman, is actually Kendall Jenner’s real father.

In a Reddit post, a user posted photos of Waterman and Jenner, pointing out the similarities between their features.

Is Todd Waterman the father of Kendall Jenner?

Rumors that Kendall’s real father is Todd Waterman have been circulating for years, despite Kris’ attempts to deny cheating on Kendall’s father with the man she had an affair with during her first marriage.

Fans compared side-by-side photos of Waterman and Kendall, noting the same “straight eyebrows, same mouth and even [skin] coloring. »

They added that since Caitlyn took hormones in her 80s in an attempt to transition, it could have “affected her fertility” and caused Kris to get pregnant with someone else.

Users reacted to the theory in the comments section below the post, with some people pointing out that there are similarities between Waterman and Kendall, while others debunked the claim by saying Kendall looks like her father, Caitlyn. .

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