Is weight gain related to beer consumption?

Today, on World No Alcohol Day, WHO focuses on the risks associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. One of these risks is the association between beer and weight gain, primarily due to its high calorie content.

Is weight gain related to beer consumption?

According to ‘The Silhouette Clinic’, the amount of calories in alcoholic beverages such as beer can vary Between 100 and 200 calories per serving.

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However, these calories cannot be compared with common foods, as they do not meet the body’s physiological needs. In addition, excess alcohol prevents the oxidation of fats, preventing their use as a source of energy.

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Excessive alcohol consumption can have serious health consequences. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, It can contribute to problems like high blood pressure, stroke, digestive disorders, liver damage and cancer.

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Risks of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

As the Mayo Clinic points out, binge drinking, defined as four or more drinks in two hours for women and five or more drinks for men, poses serious health risks.

These risks include various cancers, such as breast cancer and cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and liver. It can cause pancreatitis, damage to the heart muscle (alcohol cardiomyopathy) leading to heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, liver disease, serious injury or sudden death.

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Other influencing factors

WHO identifies various factors that influence alcohol consumption. At the social level these include economic development, culture and social norms.

Individually, age, gender, family status, and socioeconomic status are major determinants of substance use.

Be careful mixing alcohol and drugs

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