Is Welcome to Eden a copy of a Prime Video series?


Netflix premiered welcome to eden just a few days ago and it’s already a success. But when watching it, many fans were reminded of a Prime Video original series. It’s a copy? Meet her.

Some protagonists of Welcome to Eden
© NetflixSome protagonists of Welcome to Eden

welcome to eden is one of the last series that Netflix launched Worldwide. Originally from Spain, the strip came with eight episodes that gave a lot to talk about. Set in modern times, the first part of this fiction includes drama, adrenaline, suspense and lots of entertainment. It is one of the most innovative and interesting formulas that have been seen on the platform in recent times.

In fact, it reaches such a point that, despite having been released on May 6, welcome to eden is already rising in the official Netflix ranking. According to platform statistics, the series is already second in the TOP 10 of the most played with a total of 25,820,000 hours in just one week. In other words, this fiction is already considered one of the new and great successes of the streaming giant.

However, it should be noted that many viewers found a point against welcome to eden. This is because several people this series has reminded you Nine Perfect Strangersthe strip that premiered on Prime Video last year and stars Nicole Kidman. And, even though the editions are on different platforms, the truth is that they have a very similar premise.

The Prime Video series and which has Nicole Kidman as the exclusive protagonisttells the story of nine very different people who arrive at Tranquillum House, a mysterious wellness retreat that promises them a total transformation and which is commanded by Masha. However, as the series progresses, the protagonist’s unconventional methods push the newcomer group to their limits.

Something very similar happens with welcome to eden. In this case, the protagonists are five, who arrive on an unknown island of their own free will, but later they discover that it was all a farce and they must be forced by astrid and eric. In other words, the only difference between the two series is that some are obligatory and the others are not, but both seek the well-being of the attendees with unorthodox methods.

However, it should be noted that beyond the resemblance between the fiction of Netflix and that of Prime Video, are two series that do not collide with each other. Well, both are set in different times and spaces, in addition to being from different countries. Although, to tell the truth, they have more in common than they do not. But that does not detract from any of them since both are equally successful.

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