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The catwalks of Fashion Week (fashion week) around the world are the events that announce us what will be the colors, garments, styles and accessories that will take center stage in each season. Of course, each brand or designer has its own identity and, therefore, we can find great diversity among the proposed collections. An excellent opportunity to seek inspiration and choose the elements that we like the most.

One of the first things that we must highlight for next season is that there is no “clean slate”, but a continuity in silhouettes and styles. Among the novelties, the return of the typical garments of the 2000s, such as low-rise jeans, stands out..

In this note, we seek to make a summary of the trends that were strongly presented on the catwalks of international brands: colors, fabrics, prints and combinations that will take center stage in spring.

Stimulate your imagination: the best spring trends

These are the details that will give life to your wardrobe. The best thing is that, if you look at the list, you will see that it is made up of colors, fabrics and styles that are always present, in one way or another, in our outfits. A big plus when it comes to planning apparel purchases that positively impact our long-term style.

The dress and pants combo

If you look for photos of the red carpets of the early 2000s, you will see a fashion that was chosen by many celebrities, women’s jeans combined with ethereal and romantic dresses, even bohemian. Anne Hathaway, Asley Tishdale, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are just some of the stars who, back in the 2000s, chose this outfit to show off at events.

In 2022, this style returns with a more minimalist and elegant approach. The objective is to refunctionalize dresses that, otherwise, would be relegated to more formal or luxurious occasions. By adding the pants, it is given a more informal touch and the dress is combined with the street style of cities.

organized chaos

It seems that “combining” colors has gone out of style and that everything is allowed. Mixing patterns, fabrics and colors no longer seems to be taboo. This trend, which previously seemed to be relegated to only a few styles, such as bohemian, can be seen in all kinds of outfits: 1970s fashion, futuristic looks, romantic clothes and much more.

In this trend, the mom jean pants keep hitting hard. They are mixed with colorful cardigans, geometric patterned shirts, creative print blouses and much, much, more.

Pink in all its ranges

In the latest world entertainment events, the red carpets were filled with pink, especially the fuchsia tone. This color used to not be taken as a fancy color, but rather a color related to youth and pop culture.. Regardless, brands like Valentino seem to have set out to make pink a sophisticated color, and they prove it by using the shade in ball gowns and elaborate two-piece suits.

The New age

It seems that the post-pandemic and the interest in ecological causes have awakened the more hippy of the world of fashion. In this trend, loose jeans for women are present, and are combined with crochet or macramé garments, with geometric motifs of Latin American inspiration. The color palette that dominates this style are all those derived from nature: moss green, brown, orange, red, yellow, among others.

This style favors garments such as jean oxford pantsponchos, long dresses, flowing blouses, scarves, among others.

nets and transparencies

In the most bohemian styles we find the nets of the garments woven with crochet or made with macramé. In the most futuristic or punk outfits, the nets can be made of metallic threads or even metal.. Designers are also experimenting with various types of polyester fabrics.

A garment that reigned the catwalks were the fishnet dresses over a bodysuit for women A look designed for self-confident women and that, in its different versions, can be used both for a party and for a day at the beach.

satin fabrics

These fabrics have a shiny finish that catches all eyes, they are ideal for night looks. After a stint in pajamas, the world seems eager to get dressed again, people seek to exercise their elegance and creativity. Satin fabrics are perfect for this because, in addition to their finish, they provide a firmer structure to garments.

On the catwalks we could see dresses, skirts, jacket and trouser suits, jumpsuits, and many more. An investment would be a black satin skirt that can be useful in any occasion and that looks great with a long sleeve bodysuit for women

dramatic romanticism

They say that life is much more fun with a little drama. Designers seem to have turned to the worlds of literature, movies, and theater. In this trend, the false ones are enlarged, the ruffles and the tips reappear. The desire to have fun and express oneself through clothing erases any inhibition or fear of being “too dressed””.

If you want to try this trend in a simpler way, you can try putting together a outfits based on a pretty bodysuit for women lace, tailored pants and dramatic accessories (a lace choker or a long, multi-stranded pearl necklace).

the miniskirts

This garment emerged in 1964 and, since its creation, has been synonymous with femininity and revolution. In 2022, they are worn in all their forms, but especially short, very short. A commitment to fun and youth. This trend also had its heyday in the early 2000s.

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