Is Zendaya PREGNANT with Tom Holland? This is the TRUTH of the viral VIDEO on TikTok

The couple made up of Zendaya Y Tom Holland It is one of the most sought-after in Hollywood because both celebrities have established themselves as international stars and are recognized for their leading characters, which is why the eye of the camera always points towards them. However, they are also an easy target for anyone with access to a digital platform, such was the case of a video viral that circulated through TikTok where a user claimed that the “Euphoria” actress was pregnantsoon after discovering the TRUE.

in said video viral of TikTok you can see the user with an impact face while in the background image you can see the screenshot of the alleged Instagram dand Zendaya, with the image of an ultrasound and a caption with the following caption: “I love you, we’re halfway there”, capturing who is now his partner in and out of Spiderman, Tom Hollandcausing a stir in social networks.

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