Isabel Rodríguez sentences that only journalists whose name is known will ask

Dori and Nemo arrive at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. They are the minister spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, and the secretary of state for communication, Francesc Vallés, who only know the names of certain journalists and have amnesia to remember others. Despite the flurry of raised hands during question time, Isabel Rodríguez only has eyes for her trusted journalists. Only those who have the privilege that the minister spokesperson knows her name, will be able to ask. This is how things work in La Moncloa.

The press conference after the Council of Ministers is one of the calls for fixed communication media in Moncloa. On a weekly basis, this appointment used to take place either on Fridays or Tuesdays, depending on the Executive who presides. At 1:00 p.m., except for exceptional circumstances, in this call the matters dealt with during the previous meeting of the Council of Ministers are reported. During this appearance, the approved investments, the agreed strategies or the lines of action that the Government of the nation will follow are explained. Likewise, during question time, current issues are discussed, although only a few handpicked by the minister spokesperson are the ones who can ask. Only those names that the spokeswoman remembers.

All the ministers of the Government of Spain have attended the press room of the spokesperson building of the La Moncloa complex. In a cascade, the heads of each ministry appear to give an account of the work of their departments. After the presentation of the spokesperson minister, they take the floor and explain the investments, strategies or plans approved during the Council of Ministers.

The ministers and the spokeswoman go down to the press room escorted by, nothing more and nothing less, than the secretary of state for communication. Although the current legislature began with Miguel Ángel Oliver at the head of this direction, now it is Francesc Vallés who holds it. The Catalan leads the highest body of the National Government in charge of information transparency. Francesc Vallés Vives was one of the stellar appointments made by Pedro Sánchez in the renewal of the Government undertaken in July of the year to face the final stretch of the legislature. In this way, waiting from the front row, Francesc Vallés checks that the minister spokesperson and her colleagues do not miss an extra word.


Isabel Rodríguez is about to complete a year as head of the Government spokesperson. Its mission is to inform and communicate to society the political and institutional action of the central executive. Thanks to being appointed minister, Isabel Rodríguez managed to reach this important position in charge of disseminating information about the State.

Graduated in law from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, her professional career has been developed solely in the political field and always linked to the Socialist Party. From the Socialist Youth to the regional PSOE of Castilla-La Mancha, Isabel Rodríguez is an inveterate socialist. La Mancha has held positions in various institutions such as the Puertollano City Council, the Senate of Spain and now the Government of the nation itself. In these institutions of the General State Administration, Isabel Rodríguez has been a member of commissions such as justice, industry or national security.

his professional career has been developed solely in the political field and always linked to the Socialist Party

Elizabeth Rodriguez It was one of the important appointments made by the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez in the remodeling of the Government rushed last summer. The woman from La Mancha was appointed Minister of Territorial Policy and spokesperson for the Executive, replacing María Jesús Montero in the post. As minister, her functions are to execute the proposal and execution of the Government’s policy in terms of territorial policy, the territorial organization of the State and relations with the Autonomous Communities and the Entities that make up the Local Administration. And as a spokesperson, her job is to inform and communicate to society about the political and institutional action of the Government. It should be noted that the explanations provided by Isabel Rodríguez during the press conference after the Council of Ministers are clear and specific. “She is a born communicator,” say sources from the Presidency of the Government, despite the fact that she sometimes does not remember some names.

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