Isabel Zambrano speaks after the appointment of Diego Vázquez to the Honduran National Team

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Diego Vázquez was confirmed this Friday as the new coach of Honduras to lead the national team in the Concacaf Nations League matches to be played in June.

The appointment of ‘La Barbie’ Vázquez as interim coach of the Catracha team has generated many comments on social networks and one of them is that of the Argentine coach’s partner, the beautiful sports journalist Isabel Zambrano.

The TVC presenter spoke after the news of her boyfriend’s arrival on the Bicolor bench was confirmed.

“Now yes…. OFFICIAL!!! Let’s see ….. Among my options (beyond that I never exposed them for obvious reasons) there was always Diego, Vargas and Troglio ”, Zambrano began by saying on his Facebook account.

Isabel approves the appointment of Diego Vázquez. “It is an interim, any of them was the one after trying and trying and failing with DT from outside. The test seems fine to me, if it doesn’t work then change it”.

“Diego has his character, many do not like him and he respects himself (he will have to correct some obvious things) but this is not a popularity contest, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt because what will speak for him are the results”, he added.

To close, Zambrano asked for the support of all the fans for the former Motagua coach. “It is everyone’s team that he is going to lead in key matches to qualify for the Gold Cup and the Final Four semifinals. Let’s forget about team shirts, this is the National Team and everyone has to collaborate”.

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