Isola dei Famosi, health problems for Gwendolyn: what happened

That theIsland of the Famous it was an adventure almost to the limits of human endurance we already knew it, but apparently the castaways of this edition are having a worse time than usual. Several competitors have already had to deal with the roughness of Cayo Cochinos, in some cases even having to abandon the game. This time, it was the one who suffered the blow Guendalina Tavassi: due to a health problem, she had to go to the infirmary. But what happened to her?

Isola, Guendalina Tavassi in the infirmary

Guendalina Tavassi is undoubtedly one of the great protagonists ofIsland of the Famous 2022: she and her brother Edoardo have definitely given a shock to the dynamics of the game, also arousing several disputes that have caused furore among the castaways. Perhaps this is precisely why his sudden absence made itself felt quickly. During the daytime of Wednesday 11 May, the competitor walked away from her adventure companions for go to the infirmary. The public was able to find out right at the opening of the episode, thanks to a short press release on TV.

But what happened to Gwendolyn? For the moment, no other information has been disclosed: it is not clear if she had an injury or a minor discomfort, nor whether the situation is worrying or not. The only news currently reaching the audience is that Tavassi is in the infirmary for medical checks. We will probably have to wait a little bit to find out more about her health conditions. The only one who tried to reassure the fans a little was Federico Pernathe castaway’s boyfriend.

Asked by the large number of followers concerned about what happened in Guendalina, the boy broke the silence with a short video posted in his Instagram stories. However, he preferred to remain very vague: “I have been warned, but nothing serious. We hope that in a few days he will recover ”. His words suggest a problem that could even keep Tavassi away from the games for more than an afternoon. It therefore remains to be seen whether his health conditions they will allow her to return safely among the other castaways, or if she has to return to Italy instead.

Isola 2022, health problems for the castaways

On the other hand, Guendalina Tavassi is certainly not the only one having to deal with the difficultiesIsland of the Famous 2022. Right now, with her in the infirmary there is Blind: the young rapper accused health problems that forced him to go away for a while. At the opening of the last evening episode, Alvin had immediately pointed out the boy’s absence, explaining the reasons: “he has a skin infection. There is nothing to worry about, but the doctors want to keep him under control, away from the sun and salt water for three days ”.

Going back a few weeks, moreover, there have already been two abandonments. The first to give up the game was Patrizia Bonetti, who just upon her arrival in Cayo Cochinos ventured into the test by fire, getting serious burns, which could not be treated at theIsland. Then it was the turn of Jovana Djordjevic, who preferred to go home for a breast problem (due to a previous operation), resolved without the slightest consequence in Italy. Not that the other castaways are faring better. Hunger has already made itself felt, and some minor ailments are (almost) on the agenda.

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