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Israel publishes photos of tunnels in Khan Yunis, where it says Hamas took 20 hostages

(Credit: Israel Defense Forces)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released this Sunday photos of the Khan Yunis tunnels, in which they claim Hamas held about 20 hostages at different times.

The underground construction was located in the center of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, and ran for approximately 830 meters at a depth of 20 metres. According to the IDF, there were traps, explosives, and various obstacles inside the tunnels, which it claims several Hamas activists encountered and killed upon entering.

(Credit: Israel Defense Forces)

The IDF found no hostages in the tunnels, but claimed, based on testimony from those released and DNA evidence, that about 20 hostages were held at different times in these tunnels, some of whom were released. while others are still in Gaza.

Videos shared by the IDF show long tunnels, some of which lead to rooms with mattresses, blankets and food wrappers scattered on the floor, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

(Credit: Israel Defense Forces)

They also circulated photographs of some children’s paintings. The IDF told Aloni’s family that former hostage Emilia Aloni, 5, had made the drawings. Emilia and her mother Daniel were freed in November during a brief ceasefire between Hamas and Israel to allow the exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

(Credit: Israel Defense Forces)

More than 100 hostages were freed during the ceasefire. According to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Israel estimates there are still 132 hostages in Gaza as of October 7, of whom 25 have died.

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