Issa Vegas wastes beauty modeling different beach outfits

In different colors, styles and sizes, the beautiful model Issa Vegas gives her fans a flirtatious modeling for all her beach outfits that have the same degree of daring and flirtation as her, causing the temperature of social networks to rise.

With her solid and well-proportioned figure, she models the most beautiful, giving them a glimpse of her silhouette adorned with the tiny beach suits that only covered the necessary of her charms, accentuating her beauty to the highest level, playing with the judgment of her fans who let off steam in the comments section.

Being a collaboration with energy drink Bang Energy, the fitness blogger would ask her more than nine million people who follow her on her Instagram account which of the eight styles and colors of beachwear would be her favorite, in which her maddening curves and pronounced charms would look better, to which there would be a wide variety of responses in the comments.

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Red, yellow, blue, purple, green, pink, black and white would be the colors that I would be presenting to you, each one in a different style and some smaller than others, but what they would all have in common is that they would perfectly adorn the coquette. 26-year-old model, driving her fans more and more crazy and asking for more.

Issa Vegas wastes beauty modeling different beach outfits, photo: instagram

Starting with red, a quite traditional but passionate style, then moving on to yellow with the upper part of the beach suit a little different because it would be strapless and with a flirty opening in the middle of its charms making it truly daring, it would be the same model than blue, the only thing that would change would be the color.

The purple in a pastel tone accompanied by strips in red and yellow making it look beautiful to issa vegasto then impress with green that in a body style with slight darings hugging her powerful thighs and then changing to a bright pink and then a black one, which both would be a bit similar.

To finish, a white bodysuit that would turn around giving away a small view of how it looks from behind, the fans commented on which was their favorite, mostly the one that was repeated the most was the green color, it was the one that stood out the most for the garters

BY CLICKING HERE you can admire the modeling of issa vegas.

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