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one more time, Miley Cyrus has opened up about her experience of touring the world. The artist talks again about her mixed feelings with life on stage and explains why He does not like to tour continuously.

it must be remembered interpreter of flowers He had already indicated that he was not interested in embarking on a world tour anytime soon, Pointing out that they are not beneficial to him. Now he has given the reason behind his decision.

What did Miley Cyrus say?

In his special for Hulu, Endless Summer Vacations: Ongoing, Miley Cyrus explains why she doesn’t like going on tour, On this occasion he pointed out It’s not healthy for them to be constantly on stage and prefers to focus on other types of music.

“The show is only 90 minutes long, but it’s your life. If you perform at a certain level of intensity and excellence, there needs to be a similar level of recovery and rest”, the artist debuted about his reasons. Plus, Miley reveals that it’s hard to leave the intensity of life on stage.

“There’s a level of arrogance that plays a part and I feel like it’s overused when I’m on tour. Once it’s on, it’s hard to turn off.Miley Cyrus continued to talk about life on stage. She also explains that she has difficulty connecting with other people in these types of shows.

“Having a daily relationship between you and other human beings, where you are a subject and they are observers, This is not healthy for me. Take away my humanity and my connection.”He added. Furthermore, he said that he currently prefers Focus on the songwriting aspect and not the live show.

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