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Pop star Britney Spears looks out of control and in her latest photo shows her back and naked. There is no point in stopping her: she lowers everything.

Britney, successful pop star
Britney, successful pop star (Instagram screen)

Pop star who made the history of music in the early years of the new millennium, today the singer Britney returns to be talked about. After the events related to his economic relationship with his father, the artist seems out of control and shows himself as never before on the social media dedicated to photography. Among the comments it seems that someone is able to focus attention on one point in particular.

Baby One More Time it was the song that brought her to worldwide success. “Once again” sang the pop star in the early 2000s when most people knew her still young and in the role of a rebellious schoolgirl at school. For several years Spears was the undisputed queen of the charts, making millions and millions of people dance.

After her health problems, the singer recently managed to get the better of her father who was in control of her financial situation. Today Britney is again mistress of her possessions and, speaking of freedom, she is also mistress of her body on Instagram. Her naked shot bursts onto the screens from followers.


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Britney Spears from behind without veils: watch out for boots

Completely without clothes, the singer goes around the city without shame. On his profile Britney he shared a shot showing his back, wearing one fire red briefs and boots. The star seems to intend to turn everything down and fans have understood what has sent the internet into a tailspin in the last few hours.

But, among all the delirium triggered by the photo, there are those who focus on a detail. “These boots are made for walking” wrote a fan who, strangely enough, managed to focus her attention on the star’s shoes.

Britney wearing only panties
Britney wearing only panties (Instagram screen)


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