It costs Sky TG24: no ticket for 2 years for patients with Long Covid

Costa: “Initiatives to encourage fourth dose, complete cycle”


Coronavirus in Italy and in the world: news today 13 May. LIVE

With regard to the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, and in particular the booster doses, Costa underlined the need to “implement initiatives to make people understand that it is important to proceed with the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine because it protects older people. and fragile “. “Although we are facing a relaxation of restrictive measures, it is essential that the vaccination cycle is completed”, added the Undersecretary for Health.

“NHS trench first aid, investments in Pnrr”

During the interview, Costa also spoke about the Italian first aid and the new measures outlined in the NRP to ease their pressure. “The emergency rooms are the trench of the National Health Service: creating the conditions so that they are no longer under pressure is a well-defined measure in the NRP and investments go in this direction. As for the safety inside the emergency rooms, I believe that we must restore the police posts in the PS. This profession must be made attractive again “, he declared.

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